Produced at Buck, NY.

March Wind, Pressed Flower, China Doll, Dragon Fruit, Lantern Light, City Loft, Golden Gate. The Sherwin colors take us on a journey though the world of color, literally. We visit the tulip fields of Holland, the Red Square in Russia, a Mexican village, a Chinese temple, the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. Why not start your color journey today?
Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Associate Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld
Producer: Kevin Hall
Art Director: Jon Gorman
Design/Concept Art: Sebastien Iglesias, Ben Langsfeld, Daniel Oeffinger, Jon Gorman, Thomas Schmid, Emmanuelle Leleu
Storyboards: Jon Gorman
CG Supervisor: Ryan O’Phelan
3D Lead: Brice Linane
Previs: Jon Gorman, Pete Hamilton
Lead Modeler: Arvid Volz
Modeling: Arvid Volz, Brice Linane, Pete Hamilton, Grant Cerulo, David Soto, Martina Stiftinger
Lighting: Brice Linane, Helen Choi
Rigging: Zeth Willie
3D Animation: Pete Hamilton, Ryan O’Phelan, Kyle Anderson
Character Animation: Arvid Volz
Composite: Fred Kim, Daniel Oeffinger
Colorist: Seth Ricart