This is dumb yet I hear it all the time from smart marketers…

We can both agree how important it is to model success and repeat what works.

BUT this applies for niches outside of yours too! That’s why I was asked to speak at Vince DelMonte’s mastermind in New York.

I’m not a fitness expert. I don’t even have a fitness business. However, I know marketing and what works for me, my students, and my various companies will work for these fitness experts too.

Each success out there carries a nugget of wisdom for you to pick up and add to your marketing arsenal.

Plus, you might be one good idea away from rampant SUCCESS. Seriously, one good tip followed by fast decisive action is all you need to go from broke as a joke to a 6-figure success.

That’s why I set up the High Status Summit. It’s easily the simplest way to blow past any financial plateaus because you’re surrounded only by winning digital marketers. Check out the speaker list and grab your spot today:

See you soon stud.

-Jason Capital

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Jason Capital was recognized as a Top 100 Entrepreneur by President Barack Obama. He is the best-selling author of Higher-Status and affectionately known as “America’s High-Income Expert.”

He became a self-made multimillionaire by 24. Today he is the “Success Trainer To Millions”. He is founder and chairman of Capital Research International.

For 11 years, he has served as coach and consultant to Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, US Marines, and A-List Celebrities. He hustles. He swears. He cares.

For over 10 years, starting in a cold Detroit basement, Jason Capital has studied the science of achievement and identified the fundamental principles of High-Status Installation. You may have read his international best-selling book Higher-Status, and you may have heard about his packed-house seminars now sold out for months in advance.

Jason has achieved worldwide celebrity status by helping people achieve their goals 10X faster, develop magnetic charisma, overcome lifelong fears, attract the partner of their dreams and become financially independent.

He currently lives in Newport Coast, CA with his girlfriend and 2 french bulldogs (Kobe Bryant lives right up the street, although Jason has yet to land that endorsement).

Today, he’s on a mission to help 1,000,000 people earn a High-Income for themselves and their families through his sold-out seminars and best-selling online courses.

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