On the eve of my second trip to India in 2018, I give you a review of Lufthansa Economy Class, which I flew from Miami to my connecting flight in Munich, Germany, and then from Munich to Mumbai. It’s the fastest way to get to Mumbai to India, roughly 17 to 18 hours. While I await my final destination, let’s talk Lufthansa Economy Class!

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The first leg of my journey to Mumbai was a ride in a Dreamliner for 8 ½ hours to Munich, Germany. There are lots of entertainment options on the ride, with unlimited movies, TV shows, and games. My dinner (turkey loaf with salad and wine) was great, as was my breakfast (eggs with mushrooms and coffee). The flight was incredibly smooth, with almost no turbulence at all.

The plane I caught to travel the final 7 ½ hours from Munich to Mumbai was smaller than the first, so I chose to sit in the emergency aisle for the extra leg room. The flight had unlimited internet and lots of entertainment options. My in-flight meal, butter chicken with spinach, salad, and rice, was amazing. I really liked flying Lufthansa. In addition to the food and entertainment, the service was also very friendly. I would definitely fly with them again.

And after 17 hours of travel, I finally made it back to the beautiful city of Mumbai! I met up with my friend Sam at the Mumbai airport and the two of us headed off to explore the food of Mumbai.

Have you ever flown Lufthansa? If so, what did you think?

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