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The crypto community has already entered the last decade of September but bitcoin doesn’t seem to skyrocket as it was the previous years. What’s more, Weiss Ratings forecast that half of BTC investments will go to ETH. Is there any point in thinking and guessing if we can just ask an expert?

NakamotoJedi promised exclusives, and here is it – we’ve met Tone Vays and on Tuesday you will get his crypto insights at first hand. How do you think what are Tone’s forecasts about the future of cryptocurrency?

Which problem is bigger – hackers or pumping? These days 6,000 bitcoins were stolen from Zarif crypto exchange, and the case is being investigated now. And not all the exchanges are fair with their clients, you probably know that. The problem of price manipulations exists as long as crypto trading. Even Europol has added this problem to top threat list “Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2018”. Tone will speak on that, too!

ICOs – good or bad? The Central Bank of China is sure that crypto crowdfundings are more harmful than we could assume. To eradicate scams will be the prerogative of Suicide Squad, the heroes of which will be Elon Musk and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin creator. Real superheroes!

Soon blockchain technology will process billions of transactions per second, so to buy a loaf of bread for crypto coins will not be a problem anymore. It’s Cruisebit which is working on it — now they are testing “instant” blockchain in the tourism industry.

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